Why Deborah?

The short version:

  • 30 years experience in La Jolla's best salons

  • Clients coming back to her for over 25 years

  • Trained by the best names in the industry*

  • Trusted by famous, high-end brands** to teach other hairdressers

  • Totally committed to making you look as beautiful as you can

After over three decades of perfecting her craft, Deborah still loves making hair and people look beautiful. She is obsessed with brilliant, rich hair color and soft, shiny, healthy hair.

New clients are the most exciting, because that's where she can make the biggest difference.

Deborah is a master of consultation and is one of the best listeners I know. She will take the time to find out exactly what you want, and she possesses the skills to achieve the results.

After early apprenticeships at two of La Jolla’s top salons, and learning all she could from La Jolla's best, Deborah spent three years working side-by-side with a leading image consultant. It was there she learned how to put the perfect color, shape and texture onto each individual. 

Customizing each color and style to flatter and complement a client’s features, her mentor was especially strict about every one of her client’s hair color being perfect on their skin tone. Because of this rigorous training, Deborah has been known as “The Color Queen” for over 20 years.

She takes the time to consider me as a whole person—to complement my facial features and to give me the style and look that works best for my lifestyle and personality.

When you come in for your appointment, the first thing you’ll notice is Deborah is on-time. The second thing is that you’re never out of her hands. She is with you and only you. No assistants, no phone calls, no talking to others. In fact, she prefers not to talk at all while she’s cutting so she can focus 100% on the haircut.

After each session with Deborah, I feel gorgeous, sexy and supported...everywhere I go, perfect strangers stop and ask me who cuts my hair.

And her cuts still look good 6 weeks later...they never look bad. Her clients tell her they’re still getting compliments the day they’re coming in for their next cut. Deborah’s cuts last longer than other stylists—and you’ll notice, too, it’s just as important to her to get it perfect on your 3rd, 10th or even 100th time, as it was the first. 

Never again will you settle for mediocre hair color, a cut that doesn’t quite lay right, or hair that is damaged. Nor will you be ok with a stylist not giving you their undivided attention, or one who keeps you waiting.

Deborah is a hair artist! She was able to replicate the look that I wanted with extreme precision.

Clients love how easy it is to use her online scheduling, 24 hours a day—you can book your appointment in 60 seconds or less. And you can text or email Deborah any time, for any reason. She’s available for you and makes it easy for you to get what you want and need. She’ll also provide an announcement six weeks in advance when she’s going to travel so you can book ahead. You won’t be left with a bad hair day. 

Book here now and get ready to experience a whole new world of hair care. When is the last time you had someone pay attention to you and only you for 1-2 hours?

Getting my hair done by Deborah is the thing I most look forward to.


Ted Gibson (What Not To Wear) - Las Vegas - Cutting, Styling, and Customer Care
Ted Gibson Artistic Team - Long Beach - Balayage
Cherry Petenbrink (Hairstylist for Hunger Games) - Las Vegas - Coloring and Styling
KemonUmbria - TIT21 Customer Experience Spring/Summer Collection
Andis - Las Vegas - Men's Barbering
DevaCurlLos Angeles - Deva Inspired: The DevaCurl Transformation Service and DevaCut
DevaCurl - Los Angeles - Deva Advanced: Cutting and Highlighting Naturally Curly Hair
Toni & Guy - Sydney, Australia - Hands-On 3 Day Academy
Toni & Guy - Dallas - Cutting and Coloring Hands-On Academy
Toni & Guy - Las Vegas - Cutting and Coloring Hands-On Academy
Vivienne Mackinder - New York - Cutting and Finishing
Vidal Sassoon - San Francisco - Cutting and Coloring
Vidal Sassoon - Las Vegas - Cutting and Coloring
Vidal Sassoon - Long Beach - Cutting and Coloring
Vidal Sassoon - Los Angeles - Cutting and Coloring
Horst - San Francisco - Cutting
Yosh - San Francisco - Coloring and Cutting
Paul Mitchell - San Diego - Cutting and Styling
Paul Mitchell - San Diego - Cutting and Coloring
Alan Bush - Los Angeles - Advanced Haircutting Method
Alan Bush - Long Beach - Advanced Haircutting Method
Alan Bush - Cerritos - Advanced Haircutting Method
Alan Bush - San Diego - Advanced Haircutting Method
Robert Cromeans - Los Angeles -  Haircutting and Finishing
Robert Cromeans - San Diego - Haircutting and Finishing
Jeanne Braa - Los Angeles - Finishing and Styling
Jeanne Braa - San Diego - Finishing and Styling
Sheila Gomez - San Diego - Cutting and Styling (6 months one-to-one)
Alexis Mae - Long Beach - Balayage and Foil Conversion
OuidadLong Beach - All About the Rake and Shake (curly hair)
NAHA Award winner DJ RiggsLong Beach - Balayage and Color Melting
Sam Villa/RedkenLong Beach - Design and Finishing Trends
Kronos AcademyLong Beach - 2018 Collection
Kronos Academy - online - The Mastering Series
Kerastase - Paris, France - Restructuring and Finishing Work
Kerastase - San Diego - Restructuring and Finishing Work
Sebastian - Los Angeles - Color and Cutting
Redken - New York - Color
Redken - Long Beach - Color and Cut
Redken - Scottsdale - Color and Cut
Framesi - Florence, Italy - Advanced Hair Color
Framesi - New York  - Advanced Hair Color
Framesi - Las Vegas -  Advanced Hair Color
Framesi - Long Beach - Advanced Hair Color
Framesi - San Diego - Advanced Hair Color
EuforaSan Marcos - Cutting and Retexturizing
Eufora - San Diego - Cutting, Restructure and Style
ABBA - Salt Lake City - Train the Trainers Advanced Cutting
ABBA - Scottsdale - Train the Trainers Advanced Cutting
ABBA - Long Beach - Train the Trainers Advanced Cutting
ABBA - San Diego - Train the Trainers Advanced Cutting
IBS - New York - Cut Color Style, Business
IBS - Las Vegas - Cut Color Style, Business
ISSE - Las Vegas - Cut Color Style
ISSE - New York - Cut Color Style
ISSE - Long Beach - Cut Color Style
Lauren Gartland - San Diego - Building Champions, Creating Raving Fans, Customer Care
Institute of Trichology - San Diego - Science of Hair, Chemical Services, Cutting and Finishing
Tressa - San Diego - Chemical Services
Lanza - New York - Finishing Work
CCA - San Francisco - Cut Color Finish
Hikari - Tokyo/USA - Advanced Cutting
American Crew - Los Angeles - Men’s Cutting
L’Oreal - San Diego - Texture, Restructure and Style
Moroccan Oil - San Diego - Texture, Restructure and Style
Neuma - San Diego - Cutting, Restructure and Style
Pureology - Los Angeles - Restructure and Style
Brazilian Blowout - San Diego - Smoothing and Straightening
Jane Iredale - San Diego - Makeup Application and Color Matching (8 hour intensive)
HED - San Diego - Smoothing, Straightening and Cutting
Hairbrained International - online
Guy Tang - online - Creative Coloring Techniques


ABBA Design Team 1994-2003
IBS 2002-2003
Framesi 2004-2006
HED 2012-2013