Kemon Yo Color System from Italy

Kemon Yo Color System from Italy


Hair Color

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Yo Color System is a reliable and gentle system: a natural touch for healthy locks and intense, long-lasting tones. It is a complete wellness treatment, a soft yoghurt-based mixture with certified organic ingredients*.

Based on organic ingredients, the exclusive NAYO COMPLEX makes the coloring extremely gentle and well-tolerated. These natural elements combined with the yoghurt extract ensure a comfortable color experience during the processing time.

The harmony of nature at the service of your hair.

Rest assured. Deborah uses only the world’s best formulations for your hair. A lifelong student of hair color chemistry, she invests in continuous training and education to stay on top of product trends, including vegan and environmentally sustainable wherever possible.


Kemon NAYO

Gentle permanent color with a creamy texture; contains no ammonia, PPD or fragrance. Delivers perfect coverage of grey hair and intense, brilliant color results.

• Quick and easy to apply
• Exceptional performance
• Covers grey hair 100%
• Total uniformity of the tone
• Extraordinarily long-lasting results
• Intermixable shades for personalized results


Kemon Yo Green

Yo Color System is a cosmetic treatment developed to satisfy the various needs of color-treated hair at the base, mid-shaft and ends. Thanks to the synergistic and localized action of the three products, it delivers extraordinarily intense, brilliant and long-lasting results.

The gentle ammonia and PPD-free formulas protect the health of the hair, respecting its structure.


Alter Ego Be Blonde

The FIRST ever professional range of COLOR and PRODUCTS that have been especially formulated to meet all the needs of NATURALLY BLONDE, bleached or lightened hair structures. The active ingredients in the BE BLONDE range, selected for their restructuring and deep nourishing properties guarantee maximum brilliance.

Framesi 2001 for Redheads


Constantly updated with the latest technology and ingredients, Framcolor® 2001 is the most technologically advanced color line in the world.

• 100% Vegan and Cruelty Free
• Gluten Free and Sulfate Free


Shades EQ Gloss

Redken Shades EQ isn’t your run-of-the-mill hair gloss. In fact, it’s a haircolor that thinks it’s a conditioner. Here are three ways that Shades EQ sets itself apart.

NO AMMONIA: Shades EQ is formulated without ammonia, so you won’t have to deal with any overpowering smell or any discomfort while the color processes.

ADDS SHINE: Have we mentioned just how glossy your hair will be after a Shades EQ hair gloss service? The formula is infused with wheat amino acids that help to condition the hair and leave it looking super shiny.

COLOR CORRECTING HAIRCOLOR: It's time to kiss brassy ends and regrown roots goodbye! Any type of discoloration or fading is immediately corrected after a Shades EQ service. Once applied to the hair, the formula gently blends and tones the hair to create a gorgeous finish.